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You deserve to be comfortable at home. When your home heating system or air conditioning unit stops working, Highland Heating & Air is at your service.

We’ll come out whenever you need us, find the root cause of any problem, and fix it fast. We know our trade. We’re prompt, honest, and take pride in doing the right thing. Just ask our happy customers!

If It Can Be Repaired, We Will Find a Way!

Did someone tell you that your HVAC system is on its last leg, unsafe, or needs to be replaced?

Do you think your air conditioning unit is too inefficient to keep up with the midday heat? Are your summer electric bills higher than you expected?

Before you write anyone a big check to replace your equipment, Highland Heating & Air can give you a second opinion. The price of a Highland Heating & Air service call is much less than equipment replacement.

Highland Heating & Air specializes in residential heating and air conditioning installation in Longmont and the surrounding areas, repair and maintenance. We’ll diagnose the root cause of any problem. Why spend thousands of dollars to replace a HVAC system that can be repaired for hundreds… or less?

Of course, when it comes to older units, replacement is eventually necessary… but no matter what, we will always give you accurate and honest information to make a safe and cost-effective decision.

Just call us at 303-848-0095 or use the quick service request form. We might just be able to fix your “unrepairable” system for the price of a routine service call.

When You Really Need New HVAC Equipment…

More than 90% of the time, when we come out to inspect your residential heating and cooling equipment, we’ll figure out how to keep it running smoothly. However, all mechanical equipment does eventually wear out. And then you’ll really need a replacement.

Or maybe you’re building your dream home and want help choosing the ideal HVAC equipment for it.

Or you’re remodeling, and so you think you might need a new furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or heat pump.

So, what’s next?

When you’re shopping for new equipment, we think you deserve to make an informed decision. That’s why we’ll give you the most thorough home HVAC evaluation and estimate in Northern Colorado – for free.

First, we’ll learn about your needs and preferences. What temperature is right for you and your family? Are you looking for the least expensive system that will fit your home? Or would you like to have the most efficient system that reduces energy usage or maximizes your rebates? Do you like the air in your home to be a little dry? Or are you tired of shocking your children on the lips every time you go to kiss them goodnight? We’ll first make sure we understand what you really want.

Next, it’s time to inspect and measure everything that could affect how your residential air conditioning system works. All home HVAC equipment works as part of an overall system. So, before we write up your free heating or air conditioning estimate, we will inspect your home – not just the square footage, but also the windows, the walls, the basement, and the attic. And for any furnace, heating or central air system, we’ll carefully check your ductwork, flue, and intake air. We make sure any new equipment we install will work effectively in your home – so you get the comfort you want without spending more than you should.

If you want the right new HVAC system for your home, give us a call at 303-848-0095, or use our free estimate request form, and we’ll be in touch to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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